Memoir: Leaving Paradise

I Creative Writing har vi jobbat lite med beskrivande skrift och fick nu i uppgift att skriva om ett minne . Jag skrev om hur det var att lämna Hawaii. Här har ni min inlämning om ni vill läsa...
Leaving Paradise
    Even if we only had known each other for a few days leaving was harder than I ever could imagine. My choice of going on this trip had brought me together with the most wonderful people that I now feel lost without. Laughter, dreams and friendship had grown bigger than the bright sea that surrounded us with its salty breeze. We had become so close, like a ring to its finger, and now it was time for us to separate.
   It was not only leaving the people that made the tears fall down my sunburnt cheeks, but leaving the place too. For the last couple of days I had lived in a paradise. The newborn sunbeams had woke me up with a warm embrace in the mornings, and as I went to bed the sunset  followed me with its dreamy colors. This place had given me tons of beautiful memories. Like, I still remember the taste of salt from every time my friends made me laugh as we goofed around in the sea, and the feeling of the smooth, perfectly-heated sand between my toes as I had walked on the shoreline.
   For the last couple of days I had been luckier than a billion dollar winner and in this exactly moment everything was just falling apart. I remember the sadness laying in the air, like a thick fog on an early autumn morning. Those girls had grown so big in my little heart and mean so much to me now. Eight days earlier I did not have any idea that they even existed, and now I stood there feeling like leaving was the hardest thing I could ever imagine.  
    While embracing my friends one last time I felt the overheated sunbeams touching my bare shoulders through the thin silk of my shirt. We were all standing there, with overfilled suitcases trying to keep our frizzy beach hair away from our water filled eyes. Tears that went over board got mixed up by the dried salt resting on our faces from the hours we just had spent with the mighty beautiful ocean earlier that day.
 I remember feeling that time went by so fast that day. The more I wished for just a few more moments together, the closer to the end we got. But, as always, everything has to lead to an end. No matter how wonderful or beautiful it is, it can not last forever. Exchanging the lighter “We’ll see you soon” refusing to say the hard dreadful words “Good bye” we finally accepted that the time had come. Then, after a few more long lasting hugs I had to turn around, forcing my feet to the, what for my feelings was the wrong direction, and walk away.
   When alone sitting in the humid airplane I could no longer control the tears that now were falling down my face like an unstoppable waterfall. Leaning forward I covered my feelings with my red caps dark shadow, not wanting anyone to notice the deep sorrow behind my sobbing. The airplane started to move, at first slow but then faster and faster. Suddenly everything felt light as the plane left the worn out asphalt, and like a bird I flew away. I looked out through the tiny oval window to behold everything on the  ground getting smaller and smaller. To me it all looked like a wonderful little cartooned miniature-world between all the fluffy white clouds.
   Seeing the most beautiful place in the world run away from your sight is not an easy thing to do, but leaving the ones you love is a billion times harder. Today this trip is one of the most beautiful memories I have and not one day since I left has passed by without me smiling while thinking about it. I am more than happy that I got to meet the people I met and can not describe in words how much they all mean to me. Knowing that we will see each other again soon makes a huge smile appear on my face and I have no doubts about going back to the paradise that united us again.

Postat av: Annika

Åhhhh Hanna<3 Älskade duuu! Vad underbart glad jag blev av att läsa detta! Fantastiskt fina ord och shit, du är ju typ författare!! Vilken grym engelska du har. MISS U LOTS och kan inte vänta tills vi ses igen<3.

Svar: ah tack sa mycket fina annika <3 jo engelskan jobbar jag fortfarande pa... seriost mitt nya favoritord ar "Beachen" haha anda sedan du sa det!! Saknar dig sa himla mycket och sommaren kommer bli galen, det kan jag saga dig!! :) Inte langt kvar nu tills vi ses igen, jag spricker <3
Hanna Häger

2013-03-22 @ 04:28:19

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